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The ULTIMATE Mother's Day Gift Guide

It's the one day of the year where we embrace the breakfast in bed and forget about the dishes and cleaning.

But for some, this day brings anxiety and grief over what they don't have in their arms and whether or not they should or will be acknowledged as a Mother. 

Whether your children are in your arms or in your hearts, this Mother's Day we wanted to share gifts that are appropriate for ALL Mothers no matter the motherhood journey they are on...

Below we share some of our thoughtful Gifts and Gift Boxes which may be the perfect for the Supermumma you love this Mother's Day. 


The New Mum

For the New Mum celebrating her FIRST MOTHERS DAY you can't go past our New Mum Gift Box

My personal favourite... It includes;
1 x You're Amazeballs Nail polish from Say it with Polish          
1 x Bath teabag from Mae Laine Bath Teabags
1 x Mini Moet Bottle                                
1 x Candle from Woolamai Wicks


Then we have this stunning bracelet which contains the stone of emotional balance brings peace, aids relaxation and eases stress while we try to keep up with the busy demands of life. Associated with the heart chakra, Coral Magnesite is a grounding stone assists you to follow your heart yet nurtures your common sense with calmness to keep you feeling strong and resilient. It also includes Mother Mary which will provide you with the hope and guidance that you crave, and a Guardian Angel to watch over, guide and protect whoever wears it.

The Mum to be

Their baby might not be earth side just yet... but to me they wholeheartedly deserve a little something to celebrate growing a life on Mother's Day 💞


This Mum to be Gift Box contains;

1 x Preggo Pack Cards from Seriously Milestones   
1 x Raspberry Leaf Tea Blend from The Mumma Bear Naturopath   
1 x Bath Teabag from Mae Laine Bath Teabags
1 x Belly Oil from The Hermosa Co     
All of these products are also available as individual gifts. Alternatively we recommend some Postpartum Sitz Soak for that time the baby comes! Or some Magnesium Spray to help ease and soothe those restless legs and cramps that come with being pregnant.  

 Magnesium spray supermumma and co

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The Bereaved Mum

For the Mother with her Angels in heaven, Mother's Day can be gut wrenching and so many times we hear that they just want to be acknowledged and have their babies name mentioned. 

These gorgeous personal declaration cards will mean the world... acknowledging her status as a Mother but also acknowledging what she is going through after losing her baby. 


This beautiful picture book is a lovely gift... and was designed for bereaved parents to read to their baby / child who is no longer here. 

You could have been Supermumma and Co

This sentimental stunning bracelet contains Jasper beads, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton medallion and a Guardian Angel. Jasper is known as the nurturing stone providing stability and balance. It enhances your ability to relax and find peace, even in difficult situations. Jasper brings peace to endings, whether it is the end of a relationship, the end of a situation or even the end of a loved ones life. It is a beautiful stone for healing grief.

We also have this thoughtful self care Bereavement Gift Box which encourages time out for the Mumma to gather her own thoughts and just be. We have also used the Dragonfly as a symbol for this gift box as legend has it that dragonflies were given an extra set of wings so that angels could ride on their back, smaller than small, yet whenever you see a winged masterpiece, you can be certain that an angel has come down from heaven to visit you.

It includes;
1 x Dragonfly Pendant Necklace from Zoe River Jewellery 
1 x Dragonfly Print from Ink and Ivy
1 x Heart from Paper n Clay
1 x Candle from Woolamai Wicks
1 x Bath Teabag from Mae Laine 
1 x Heatbag from Wheatbagslove
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The IVF Mum to be

For the Mumma wishing she had a baby in her arms but is going through infertility and heading down the IVF journey instead, these IVF Milestone Cards are extremely popular. 

We also have this stunning handmade Lava and Rose Quartz Bracelet was designed to provide stability in times of need and times of change. The lava stone can help to release resentment and enhance personal calmness; a very grounding stone which is also said to aid with fertility. It also includes Saint Gerard Majella which will provide you with the hope and guidance and a Guardian Angel to watch over, guide and protect whoever wears it. 

This gorgeous and simple Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace is the perfect gift for many special reasons. It helps release unexpressed emotions and heartache. Helps alleviate negative thought forms and energies, reducing stress. Rose quartz is a very happy and loving stone, it opens the heart to self-nurture, forgiveness and compassion.

Or you can really spoil them and get them our IVF Gift Box!


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The NICU Mum

The Mumma who has to go to the hospital to see her baby in the NICU on Mother's Day... well you can't go past our NICU Gift Box which includes this beautiful journal where she can write to her baby and express all her thoughts and hopes and dreams in. 


 Alternatively, a Guardian Angel Bracelet needs no explanation.

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The Mum going through a serious illness or with a child recently diagnosed with a serious illness

We have this Serious Illness Gift Box which contains the very practical Care and Notes journal to keep track of all the appointments, medications, treatments and surgeries. It also includes 

1 x Eye Pillow from Wheatbags Love
1 x Tea Cup from Robert Gordon Australia
1 x Socks from my2socks
And don't forget all our pre-designed Gift Boxes also include 
1 x Gift Box 
1 x Gift Wrapping
1 x Note Card



Then we have this stunning handmade Blue Howlite Bracelet is considered to be a stone of calm and tranquility. It aids in communication and helps you to express ones inner self. It also assists to bring peace to chaotic emotions, reduces stress and induces a peaceful night sleep.It also includes Saint John The Evangelist which will provide you with the hope and guidance that you crave. Also including a Guardian Angel to watch over, guide and protect whoever wears it. 

Some more wonderful Gifts we have for Mother's Day include...

Mama Musing Affirmation Cards

 Mama Musings Affirmation Cards

Compact Mirror


Nail Polish
Because Kids Wine Glass
You can see all of our beautiful products here and remember Shipping is only $6 for individual products and $12 for Gift Boxes 🙌🏻

And if you're just looking for a Mother's Day Card.... we have those too! Plus you can send a card anywhere in Australia with FREE SHIPPING 🙌🏻 





See our Collection of Greeting Cards here


So whatever journey your Mum, Sister or Friend is on this Mother's Day we've got you covered 💞


Happy Mother's Day Supermummas 🙌🏻

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