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What to buy for a Baby Shower? Gifts a new Mum actually needs!

Being one of the first of my friends to have babies I was naive and unprepared! I honestly hadn't spent any real time with new parents and their newborn babies. I had no idea what we were in for.

In the months before we became parents we received lots of beautiful gifts for the baby... clothes, toys, blankets, keepsakes. And as special as these gifts were, none of them actually prepared us for what life would be like with our babies arrival. Thankfully once I had her, the few friends we knew who had babies and young children, were the very first ones to visit and bring armfuls of things that were so bloody useful I nearly cried. 

So what does a new Mum actually need?

Here are our top 10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

  1. An online FOOD shopping delivery order (Coles online, Aussie Farmers Direct or Hello Fresh)

No matter how many frozen meals you've cooked and saved in the freezer in preparation for the baby, there is nothing like a delivery of fresh healthy yummy food when you're a new mum! Not having to worry about bundling up the baby and getting to the store or even having to put a bra on, a box full of fresh fruit and vegetables is always a great idea! 

2. Hire a cleaner for the first few months

Every single person you've ever met will suddenly decide that they want to come and visit your brand new bundle of joy. Between entertaining guests, looking after your newborn and trying to survive sleep deprivation, the last thing you have time for, and feel like doing, is cleaning the toilets and the shower! Somedays you barely have time to actually have a shower :) A cleaner once a fortnight for the first few months is a practical idea and really takes the pressure off new parents... let them actually try to sleep when the baby sleeps!

3. New Pyjamas (button down the front ones for Mums who are going to try breastfeeding!)

New Mums spend a lot of time in their pyjamas, particularly when you're getting up numerous times in the middle of the night with your newborn. And when you're breastfeeding you want something that is easy to get your boobs out quickly! I was lucky to receive some beautiful button up pyjamas for my birthday before my first was born, and they were by far the most used item of clothing for those first few months. 

4. A Dressing Gown (again getting up to feed your baby in the middle of the night when it can be cold - a new lush dressing gown will be so useful!)

Just like with new Pyjamas, a new Dressing Gown for Mum can be an absolute winner when it comes to baby shower presents! Again, there is going to be lots of getting up in the middle of the night and it can get chilly. Also very useful for those early morning wake ups when you need a coffee before you can start functioning properly.

5. A Massage Voucher

Giving birth can be a long tiring process and often all of your muscles are sore (not just the ones where the baby came out of!) They say labour is the equivalent of running a marathon so why not spoil a new Mum and get her a voucher where she can get these sore muscles loosened!

6. A packet of Terry Towelling Nappies

It may sound boring but those terry towel nappies are brilliant for cleaning up the inevitable spew from the baby! And there is a lot of this going on in the early days with babies. Before babies I never had small towels just laying around ready to catch or wipe up spew so as a first time Mum these are very practical! 

7. Our fabulous Mum to be Gift Box

What better gift for a 'Mum to be' than a gift which includes

1 x Preggo Pack Cards from Seriously Milestones   
1 x Raspberry Leaf Tea Blend from The Mumma Bear Naturopath   
1 x Bath Teabag from Mae Laine Bath Teabags
1 x Belly Oil from The Hermosa Co     

Help prepare a Mum to be with these useful products for labour and postpartum with this specially designed gift box. They might think it's weird to start with but will LOVE the practical gifts when the time comes... the Perineum Strip in particular! 
1 x Surrender: 1st Stage Labour Oil by Wolf and Woman
1 x Power: 2nd Stage Labour Oil by Wolf and Woman
1 x Perineum Strip by Body Ice Woman
1 x Postpartum Sitz Soak by The Hermosa Co
1 x Birth Affirmation Cards by Supermumma and Co
After having my first baby, the first thing I bought for friends who had a baby and were going to try breastfeeding, were Nipple Cream and Breastpads! Oh how I wish someone had given me them. Instead I was the new Mum sending her partner to the chemist as soon as they opened trying to find something to soothe and heal my sore cracked Nipples! Don't make them have to do the same thing :)
1 x Nipple Cream from The Hermosa Co
1 x Lactation Tea from The Mumma Bear Naturopath   
1 x Lactation Cookie Mix from The Mumma Bear Naturopath
1 x Body Ice Breast Pad from Body Ice Woman
My personal favourite... A gift specifically designed for a New Mum to celebrate the arrival of her baby! It includes;
1 x You're Amazeballs Nail polish from Say it with Polish          
1 x Bath teabag from Mae Laine Bath Teabags
1 x Mini Moet Bottle                                
1 x Candle from Woolamai Wicks
A lovely gift for a new Mum who needs to know that she is still important, still loved, and deserves something just for her!
And there you have it...we hope some of these Gift Ideas will help you decide on a practical gift for the 'Mum to be' you know!
Otherwise check out our custom 'Design your own Gift Box' option and pick and choose what works for you!
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