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Supermumma Stories

When I was a little girl every Friday night my entire family (I’m talking about 30people!) would all head over to my Oma's house.

The men would drink and play cards. The children all played outside. And the women sat around the dining table and talked.

I spent those evenings listening to some powerful stories being told from some very courageous women.

Stories about childbirth. Stories about raising children. Stories about being a mum.

After all everyone has a story. Every MUM has a story.

My Oma was pregnant 8 times which resulted in 2 miscarriages and 6 children (all under the age of 8years). After surviving the war in Holland she migrated to Australia with her husband and all 6 children; to a country where she couldn’t speak the language, where they had no other family or friends, no job and no money.

My Mum (her third born) was born breech and was unresponsive on delivery. Thankfully there was a Doctor at the home birth, and as a last resort when nothing else worked to revive her, they injected a dose of adrenaline into her heart. The same dose of adrenaline they give to race horses. My mum turned 70 last year.

These events are only one small part of my Oma's story. But ones that definitely would have had an impact on her journey through motherhood.

This journey… YOUR journey with motherhood is incredibly different to everyone else’s. It is unique. It is special. It is worthy of being told. 

And so... today we are launching SUPERMUMMA STORIES!

Once a month we will be sharing some powerful guest blog posts from some amazing Supermummas who will each be sharing their own incredible and individual experiences of motherhood. 

I’m not going to lie… some stories will make you laugh and smile, some will bring a tear to your eye and others that will leave you with tears streaming down your face.

BUT that’s the point right?

It means that these stories MATTER! It means we CARE. We EMPATHISE.

And it means we can give these amazing mum’s SUPPORT and LOVE with their journey through motherhood! Through the good, the bad, and the funny. 

Hopefully by sharing these stories it will bring awareness to the fact that there are so many different mums… each facing their own individual ups and downs.. BUT each just as special and amazing as the other!

You might find peace and encouragement from reading these Supermumma stories and realising you’re not alone. You might also find appreciation for what you have and what you have experienced.

But most importantly, the most astounding thing that has already happened… each and every Mum who has already participated in writing these supermumma stories THANKED ME for giving them the opportunity. Each and every one told me how good it felt to TELL THEIR STORY! And that was before anyone (including myself) had even read one word they had written.

These amazing ladies had the courage to share their stories and they are the ones that need thanking for that!

So stay tuned... and make sure you show them some love over on Social Media when we publish their stories. 



If you would like to share your story about your journey through Motherhood please contact me at 

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