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The Little Book of Mums

The Little Book of Mums

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The Little Book of Mums


Do you tell your Mum how much you love her? Or how much you appreciate all that she does? Sometimes we can forget to tell those we love the most, how much they mean to us and how grateful we are to have them in our lives.

Mums are the unsung heroes who give us so much yet we often don’t notice or appreciate it. They are the extraordinary women who take care of us, pick up after us and want the best for us. This book is to say that you Mum for all that you do. Filled with inspirational words and exquisite photographs of animals, this book will warm her heart and she will treasure it forever.

The Little Book of Mums makes the perfect gift with a built in greeting card that allows you to pen your own little message inside if you wish. Your own special message along with the uplifting words of others, will bring a smile to someone’s face and create fond memories each time they open up their book.

This book is a beautiful gift for:

  • someone who is a cat lover
  • someone who is celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday, milestone, new job
  • someone who might be sick and needs a good dose of cheering up
  • someone who is going through a tough time, a relationship breakup, a divorce
  • someone who has had a loved one pass away
  • just saying ‘I’m thinking of you’
  • showing you care to someone special
  • showing your appreciation to someone in your life
  • good friends, work colleagues, your sister, brother, mother, father, your daughter, son and really anyone in your life that you want to show you care
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