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Onyx Fressko Flask

Onyx Fressko Flask

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Made by Fressko Flask - Onyx

These amazing vacuum flasks will keep your brew hot for 6 hours... meaning it's perfect for Mums wanting to enjoy a hot tea! OR for carrying Hot Water for babies bottles :)

They can also be used to keep your drinks cold for at least 12hours.. perfect for those hot summer days.

They feature a hard stainless steel shell with a silver lined glass inner and come with the Fressko 2 in 1 infuser. 

Choose the colour that best suits your style and brew as you go, with Fressko.

 *Slight variations in colour may occur between product pictures & physical product.


Fressko Flask 360ml: Tea, Coffee, Fruit-Water, Smoothies, Detox Recipes, Water and Juices.

This stylish, chemical-free, hard coated stainless steel flask with a silver lined glass inner, which includes Fressko’s 2-in-1 “Infuse” Filter, is the perfect companion for creating your favorite fruit-infused cocktail, brewing your special tea blend or simply mixing your coffee; all while you BREW AS YOU GO. This product is vacuum sealed to ensure the contents stay hot (while remaining soft to the touch) for up to 6 hours or chilled for at least 12 hours and has a leak-proof, easy to grip lid.


FRUIT-WATER – Simply remove Fressko’s 2-in-1 “Infuse” Filter, unscrew the bottom component, add your desired fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, lock the Short “Infuse” Filter component back into place and let the water soak up the nutrients.

TEA – The use of the 2-in-1 “Infuse” Filter allows any tea drinker to manually control the strength of their tea. Pop out the filter, unscrew the 2 components, add your fresh tea leaves or tea bag, screw the filter back into place, insert back into the bottle, add boiling water and let the Fressko Flask do the rest. Can be used for iced-tea too!

COFFEE – Remove Fressko’s 2-in-1 Filter, add your most enjoyed instant coffee blend, screw lid back into place and go.



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