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Exclusive Mother's Day Bracelets

It's the one day of the year where we embrace the breakfast in bed and forget about the dishes and cleaning.

But for some, this day brings anxiety and grief over what they don't have in their arms and whether or not they should or will be acknowledged as a Mother. 

Whether your children are in your arms or in your hearts, this Mother's Day we wanted something that was appropriate for ALL Mothers no matter the motherhood journey they are on... and so let me introduce our brand new limited range MOTHER'S Day Bracelets. 

These pieces are designed exclusively for strong, kind, courageous women who want to wear simple yet stunning pieces that highlight some of life's trials and tribulations. 

Handmade and containing meaningful stones and saints each bracelet is stunning and sentimental making it the perfect gift for Mother's Day.

With these you will be sending much more than a gift this Mother's Day. You'll be sending love, hope and strength while acknowledging exactly what the Supermumma you know and love is going through. 

Whether you birthed a child, adopted a child, lost a child, have a baby in the NICU, whether you're going through IVF, or have a mother or a friend that might need a little love on this special day, we've got you covered. 


Patron Saints have been sought out for many centuries to help with various causes and are known to provide hope and guidance.

Crystals and stones have been used in spiritual healing so the combination of these two makes the gift more powerful and sentimental.

For the perfect selection and to maximize the significance of the bracelet, a recommended Patron Saint is included to provide you with the hope and guidance that you crave alongside a Guardian Angel. 

The choice of precious gemstone and the Patron Saint, will enhance the meaning behind your chosen piece.

*Preorders may arrive after Easter

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