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Gifts for the NICU journey

Every year, more than 1600 babies who are born sick or too early (prematurely) are cared for by the specialist Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This can be a tough and emotional start to life for a new Mum and the last thing you want or need is a bunch of flowers. It is also often forgotten that the Mumma is recovering from labour and birth while also getting used to a new life with her newborn in the hospital.  
Our recommendations include the incredible Love letters to my child journal... some postpartum recovery products, smoothie bombs which can be made up and taken into the hospital in a Fressko Flask (rather than relying on hospital cafe food) and even some lactation cookies or lactation tea for the Mumma who wants to try breastfeeding and is expressing at the hospital for her bubba. 

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