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Our Story

There was once a good Mumma friend of mine who was having a really bad day!

You know the ones... where everything goes wrong and you feel overwhelmed, emotional, defeated and its not even 9am.

This amazing 'Supermumma' was at home alone with a newborn baby and a one year old!

Unfortunately, we live far away from each other so loading my two girls (1yr old and 3yr old) in the car and driving over to drop something off wasn't a realistic option.

So instead I started looking online for something I could send to cheer her up... to tell her she's doing an awesome job... even though, right then and there, in that moment, she probably didn't feel like it. The only things I could find online to send her were flowers or chocolates. 

I wanted to send her WINE! A funny card. Maybe some bath salts or a candle. But I couldn't find an online store in Melbourne to do this for me. 

And so... Supermumma and Co was born! 

We stock a range of items for all ‘Mums’ no matter where on the Motherhood journey they are, including;

Wine. Wine Glasses. Candles. Cards. Bath Salts. Tea. Tea Cups. Coffee Mugs. Books. Heat bags. Eye Masks. Artwork Prints. Jewellery. Champagne. Labour oil. Lactation cookies. Belly Oil. Nipple Cream. Pregnancy Milestone Cards. Breastpads. Birth Affirmation Cards. 

All the things to comfort, support and spoil a Supermumma in need of some love and relaxation!

I hope that you are able to find a meaningful gift for a special Supermumma in your life (or maybe even a gift just for yourself!)



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