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Labour Kit
Labour Kit
Labour Kit
Labour Kit
Labour Kit
Labour Kit
Labour Kit
Labour Kit

Labour Kit

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Our Labour Kit is specifically designed for the Mum about to give birth. Whether it be a first or third or fourth labour it's always best to be prepared!

It includes;

1 x Surrender: 1st Stage Labour Oil by Wolf and Woman
1 x Power: 2nd Stage Labour Oil by Wolf and Woman
1 x Perineum Strip by Body Ice Woman
1 x Postpartum Sitz Soak by The Hermosa Co
1 x Birth Affirmation Cards by Supermumma and Co
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1 x Gift Wrapping
1 x Note Card
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Product Details

Surrender: 1st Stage Labour Oil

100% Natural - 10ml Reusable Glass Roll On

Organic Sweet Almond Oil infused with rose buds and powerful essential oils. Ideal for use during the first stage of labour to stimulate efficient contractions and surrender calmly into the wonderful journey of child birth.  

Clary Sage aids the uterine system and promotes regular and consistent contractions during labour. 

Frankincense is highly recommended for pain, especially if you are experiencing back labor. 

Jasmine Absolute is a powerful aphrodisiac bringing feelings of love, joy, and tranquility. Also stimulates uterine contractions. 

To use: Apply to wrists and inner ankles at first signs of labour, reapplying as often as needed. 

 Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil,* Clary Sage,* Frankincense,* Jasmine Absolute, Rose Buds.*

(*Denotes Certified Organic)


Power: 2nd Stage Labour Oil

100% Natural - 10ml Reusable Glass Roll On

Organic Sweet Almond Oil is infused with handpicked Jasmine flowers and the powerful essential oils of:

Peppermint: To help relieve headaches, pain and nausea. 

Clary Sage: To stimulate efficient contractions  

Orange Sweet: To elevate energy, strength and mood

Apply to wrists, ankles or simply inhale to bring strength, relief and refreshment near and during transition. 

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil,* Peppermint,* Clary Sage,* Orange Sweet*

(*Denotes Certified Organic)


Perineum Strip

The BodyICE Woman perineum strip has been purposely designed to treat the perineal area pre and post childbirth.

When heated, the perineum strip can be effectively used during the 2nd stage of labour to help reduce the occurrence of perineal trauma.

When frozen, the perineum strip provides soothing, cooling relief to the perineal area which may be irritated, swollen and tender from childbirth.

It can also be used to treat Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) as well as haemorrhoids.

Whatever your needs are, the BodyICE Woman perineum strip has got you covered pre and post-labour.

Each pack contains:
1 x perineum strip
5 x perineum sleeves


Postpartum Sitz Soak

This product is essential for any new Mum who is recovering from childbirth. Our postpartum Sitz Soak contains a blend of natural herbs and magnesium, which helps the body fight infection and reduces swelling and soreness in the vaginal and perineal areas. This soak can be used in your regular bath tub or in a special sitz bath. Its natural formula makes it safe to use multiple times a week to encourage speedy recovery. Use our Sitz Soak to help your body’s natural recovery process.


Simply fill our reusable muslin bag with the Pospartum Sitz Soak and allow to steep for 20 minutes in about 600ml of boiling water. Remove muslin bag and add the water to a bath that just covers your hips. Sit, relax and allow the product time to heal the region. The muslin bag can be washed and reused


Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate, Chamomile, Comfrey, Calendula, Yarrow flowers, Marshmallow root, Lavender flowers,


Birth Affirmation Cards

Set contains 15 beautiful birth affirmation cards 

Suitable to use during pregnancy and labour to prepare the mind and body for all types of labour including the unexpected. 



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