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Mini Time Out
Mini Time Out
Hug me Mug with Gold Spots Supermumma and Co
Mini Time Out
Supermumma and Co Freckle

Mini Time Out

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Most days I love my kids, I love our home, I love our life. But then there are also THOSE days. You know the ones. Where you're tired, irritable, and everything seems to be going wrong. 

Well... imagine if you were having one of those days and then someone knocked on your door... with a delivery... with a 'Mini Time Out Gift Box' just for you.

Guaranteed to brighten up your shitty day!

Everyone needs a mini break... especially MUMS. And this Gift Box is designed to give you that mini break in the comfort of your own home (because we know you can't just pack up and leave at the drop of a hat!)

A comforting Hug me Mug, a delicious handmade tea and 2 giant chocolate freckles! Perfect :)

Whether it is a small gesture for a friend a family member, or even just for yourself this affordable little 'pick me up' is perfect for any Supermumma.


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