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Motherhood Bracelet

Motherhood Bracelet

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"The soft and the strong, the loud and the quiet. A mother's love runs deep." 
This stunning bracelet contains the stone of emotional balance to bring peace, aid relaxation and ease stress while we try to keep up with the busy demands of life. Associated with the heart chakra, Coral Magnesite is a grounding stone which assists you to follow your heart yet nurtures your common sense with calmness to keep you feeling strong and resilient.

Bracelet includes Mother Mary which will provide you with the hope and guidance that you crave. Also including a Guardian Angel to watch over, guide and protect whoever wears it.
All jewellery pieces are handmade with precious stones and crystal beads. 


CHAKRA - HEART | A stone of emotional balance brings peace, aids relaxation and eases stress. This grounding stone assists you to follow your heart and will keep you feeling strong and resilient.

MOTHERHOOD | For motherly love
We recommend this gift for any and all SUPERMUMMAS! Whether it be a Mum to be, a Mum with empty arms, a Mum desperately trying to have a baby or a Mum with babies all around her. 
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