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Mum To Be
Mum To Be
Mum To Be
Mum To Be
Mum To Be
Mum To Be
Mum To Be

Mum To Be

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Our Mum to be gift box is designed for the newly pregnant woman you love!

Pregnancy can be such a wonderful experience but at the same time it can be enormously challenging. Therefore we combined some fun things with some nurturing things to create the perfect gift box.

It includes;

1 x Preggo Pack Cards from Seriously Milestones   
1 x Raspberry Leaf Tea Blend from The Mumma Bear Naturopath   
1 x Bath Teabag from Mae Laine Bath Teabags
1 x Belly Oil from The Hermosa Co     


All ready made Gift Boxes also include 

1 x Gift Box 
1 x Gift Wrapping
1 x Note Card
Don't forget to let us know what you want written on your note card at checkout!
For a personal touch you can purchase a Gift Card from our collection here


Product Details:

Preggo Pack Cards from Seriously Milestones   

These hilarious and honest Milestone Cards are designed by Seriously Milestones for the pregnant woman you love!

Because you won't care later that you were 20 weeks, you'll be more interested in when you could no longer see your private parts...

 Pack includes:

  • Shit Just Got Real (I'm up the duff)
  • I can no longer see past my guts
  • I LOVE it when strangers rub my belly
  • Baby Brain
  • First Stretch Marks
  • So much new body hair
  • I can no longer do up my shoelaces
  • I need to pee every 5 minutes
  • My normal clothes don't fit anymore
  • I sneezed...enough said
  • Everything makes me want to spew
  • Somebody get this kid out of me!
  • Apparently I'm not the right size for my dates
  • Heart Burn
  • I'm SO tired
  • Seriously Hormonal
  • Craving
  • I know it's me, but it's hot in here
  • Hello cankles! 


Raspberry Leaf Tea Blend from The Mumma Bear Naturopath 

This beautiful organic herbal blend has been formulated by a Naturopath to be enjoyed in preparation for birth.  It contains Raspberry Leaf, which is used traditionally during the third trimester to support and prepare Mumma Bear for labour. Peppermint is used traditionally to soothe digestive issues and Chamomile is traditionally known to have a calming effect. This tea is best consumed during the third trimester of pregnancy from 34 weeks up until birth.


Mae Laine Bath Teabag

Boutique Hand Blended Bath Salts

All hand blended using essential oils, flower buds and sea clay.

The aromatic essence of each unique blend provides a luxurious therapy for the muscles, skin and soul. 

Designed to hydrate and nourish your skin from the outside into your soul.

 *Includes Bliss Bath Tea Bag


Belly Oil

Keep your blossoming belly soft and smooth with our hydrating belly oil. Our specially formulated product is rich in fatty acids and essential vitamins that will enrich and moisturise your skin as baby grows. With nourishing natural oils like rose-hip and acai, our belly oil will provide your skin with the extra hydration, elasticity, and tone it needs. This belly oil is composed of high quality, natural ingredients, so you can feel good about using it on your body. Pamper yourself with our oil to avoid or lessen the development of stretch marks during pregnancy.

A beautiful way to connect with your bubs as you massage into your belly. Also perfect to use on thighs, hips and breasts twice a day.

Avocado Oil, apricot Kernel Oil, Macadamia Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Acai Oil

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