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NICU Mum Gift Box
NICU Mum Gift Box
NICU Mum Gift Box
NICU Mum Gift Box
NICU Mum Gift Box
NICU Mum Gift Box
NICU Mum Gift Box
NICU Mum Gift Box
NICU Mum Gift Box

NICU Mum Gift Box

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This thoughtful Gift Box is designed for the Mum with a premature baby who has been admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). 

It’s a different start to the Motherhood journey. Having to leave your baby when you’re discharged from the hospital. Having to ask to cuddle your baby. Having a different set of Milestones for your baby to reach before they get to go home.

Our NICU Mum Gift Box is designed for those Mother's whose baby spends the first few days/weeks or months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

It includes;

1 x Love Letters to my Child Journal from The Grace Files
1 x NICU Milestone Cards from Feather and Fawn
1 x Glass Tea Bottle from Organics for Lily


All ready made Gift Boxes also include     

1 x Gift Box 
1 x Gift Wrapping
1 x Note Card
Don't forget to let us know what you want written on your note card at checkout!
For a personal touch you can purchase a Gift Card from our collection here


Product details

Love Letters to my Child

The Love Letters to My Child journal will remind your children of who they are and how much they have been loved since the day they were born.

A5 in size; Love Letters To My Child has 159 pages.

They are section sewn: they will lay flat when you write in them.

They are covered in a premium linen cloth: Love Letters To My Child is a soft blue / grey.

Each journal includes beautiful photography.


NICU Milestone Cards are perfect for recording all those important moments through your Baby's NICU Journey. 


  • 20 Milestone Cards 
  • Calico Drawstring Bag
  • 105 x 150mm Printed on 250gsm premium card stock

Milestones included 

  • Welcome to the World
  • First cuddle with Mum
  • First cuddle with Dad
  • I have doubled my birth weight
  • Today I was brave for my operation
  • Today I was taken of the CPAP
  • 1 week old
  • 4 weeks old
  • 8 weeks old
  • I am now wire free
  • Today was my due date
  • Today I am rooming in
  • Today I moved into a open cot
  • My first bath
  • My first outfit
  • First Breastfeed
  • First Bottlefeed
  • I am going home today


Glass Tea Bottle

The Organics for Lily Tea Bottle is beautiful and practical, keeping your tea hot, or your drinks refreshingly cool for up to an hour. Just pop your favourite tea leaves into the bottle, add water, add the built-in stainless steel strainer and your brew has begun! Made of double walled borosilicate glass, the bottle is reusable, cool to the touch and tough enough to take anywhere.

The eco-friendly bamboo lid is airtight, keeping your tea fresh and preventing leaks. It’s BPA-free, and the purity of glass means your tea always tastes delicious and is better for your body and the environment! When you can’’t start your day without your tea, take it with you!

Holds 300ml 400ml or 500ml of your favourite brew.  

300ml is slightly different shape and comes with small strainer only

– Pop out strainer
– Drop 1 teaspoon of tea leaves into bottle
– Click strainer back in and fill with hot water
– Let steep for a few minutes and enjoy straight from the bottle
– Feel free to refill and reuse your tea leaves.

– Hand wash with warm soapy water.





Optional Addition to this Gift Box


1 x Peanut: A story for might premmie babies by Lindsay Nolan

Peanut:  A story for might premmie babies by Lindsay Nolan

"Little baby, I understand that life never goes exactly as planned, and that something so little can be something so grand."

This is a story for small but mighty preemie babies. It's a story about love.


*Purchase individually  

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