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Tears Candle

Tears Candle

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A candle created to symbolise that tears speak so many unspoken languages, joy, sadness, pride and everything in between .
I believe tears come from deep within the soul and that even in great sadness, just remember there are always happy tears to follow. 

This is the perfect candle for bringing balance and harmony to any living space with Amethyst crystals for healing and wild lavender to bring calm and balance to the emotions.

Tears do not show weakness,
but sheer strength and bravery.
They show we have loved and cared deeply .
Tears are a sign our heart speaks.
Each have filled our eyes in great joy and happiness
The tears in times of pain and sorrow are where we learn the most.
So when all feels lost and
the tears of sadness come...
Remember there will always be joyous tears to follow
These are the tears to cherish. 

 Poem written by Laced with Kindness 

Jasmine, Coconut, Patchouli, Amber,  Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Musk

Natural soy wax and essentials oil blend

28 + hours of burning time


  • Hand-poured in Australia
  • All natural soy wax, derived from renewable resources.
  • 100 + hours of burn time pleasure
  • Blend of Premium grade fragrances and essentials oils
  • Braided natural cotton & paper wick
  • Long clean burn with excellent scent throw

Recommended For

Those who have lost a loved one.

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