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Gifts for the IVF journey

Deciding to try IVF can be a huge emotional roller coaster... and it is a journey in need of emotional support from friends and family. Here are a few precious things that you might like to give to a loved one headed down the IVF road.  

 Some of our recommendations include our beautiful Rose quartz necklace for fertility luck, IVF Milestone Cards for creating memories, a heatbag for comfort (and cramps) after the procedure and a great pair of socks to wear in to theatre!  

Step One: Choose products

Step Two: Choose between our Mini or Standard Gift Box for your items to be Gift Wrapped in our beautiful Gloss Gift Box with Satin Ribbon 

Alternatively you can send products individually. 

Step Three: At checkout leave a note for your card.

If you do not select our Mini or Standard Gift Box your individual items will NOT be sent in a Gift Box. 

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