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The ULTIMATE Mother's Day Gift Guide

The ULTIMATE Mother's Day Gift Guide

It's the one day of the year where we embrace the breakfast in bed and forget about the dishes and cleaning.

But for some, this day brings anxiety and grief over what they don't have in their arms and whether or not they should or will be acknowledged as a Mother. 

Whether your children are in your arms or in your hearts, this Mother's Day we wanted to share gifts that are appropriate for ALL Mothers no matter the motherhood journey they are on...

Here we share some of our thoughtful Gifts and Gift Boxes which may be the perfect for the Supermumma you love this Mother's Day. 

My life in the NICU as a Neonatal Nurse

My life in the NICU as a Neonatal Nurse

"As a general rule of NICUs in Victoria, currently any pregnancy that gets to 23 weeks in gestation is considered viable and is given a chance at life. At 23 weeks babies have roughly a 50% chance of survival. The realities of having a baby at 23 weeks will be devastating difficult. No 23 weeker will have an easy ride. If they can survive the first 48 hours their odds increase but there are a million things waiting in the wings to challenge you…IVH (Intraventricular hemorrhage), NEC (Necrotizing enterocolitis), CLD (Chronic Lung Disease), Sepsis. The list goes on. 

But the satisfaction, relief and joy of helping these babies make it to ‘the fat farm’ (the back wall where they will leave to go home) is incredible and when these little miracles come to visit after gradating home... makes every bad day worth it.

A standard day in NICU is never standard. That’s what makes it challenging, fun, an adrenaline rush, boring and heartbreaking all at once. Generally, if you are looking after a NICU baby on life support you will have just the one patient for your shift… their life in literally in your hands....

The hardest part of my job is the obvious. Sick and premature babies die. Despite our best efforts and desperately trying everything we can think, of not all babies survive. 

The first time I worked with a family whose baby died I had just finished my NICU course. I was still green and nervous about doing or saying the wrong thing."

End of Years Gifts for Teachers

Because kids wine glass End of year Teacher Gift

75 per cent of teachers admit that they would prefer one group gift from the class. 

If a class of 25 children comes together, with everyone chipping in $10, then a $250 gift voucher can be given to the teacher, on behalf of the class.


What are Smoothie Bombs?

What are Smoothie Bombs?


Pre-portioned smoothie boosters to improve the flavour of your smoothie. Each tube contains 5 Smoothie Bombs packed full of certified organic nuts, seeds and dried fruits.

My Unplanned Home Birth

My Unplanned Home Birth

"I was still standing up in our ensuite with no room to move and was also in total shock about what was going on... the pressure was getting worse and there was no stopping this baby! 

I braced myself with one hand on the doorframe and one hand on the tiny wash basin on the opposite wall.

Mum finally poked her head in the door to see what I wanted... and thankfully listened to me when I screamed at her...


What to buy for a Baby Shower? Gifts a new Mum actually needs!

Supermumma and Co an Online Gift Store JUST FOR MUMS
In the months before we became parents we received lots of beautiful gifts for the baby... clothes, toys, blankets, keepsakes. And as special as these gifts were, none of them actually prepared us for what life would be like with our babies arrival. Thankfully once I had her, the few friends who we knew who had babies and young children, were the very first ones to visit and bring armfuls of things that were so bloody useful I nearly cried. 
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